Pixajoy Editor Tutorials : How To Add Pages

Let’s take a look at how to add pages to your project:-

1. On the Menu Bar click Page.

how to add pages
2. Click Add.

how to add pages

3. Pages added. Continue with Steps 1 & 2 to keep adding pages. Do take note pages can only be added in even numbers – 22, 24, etc.

how to add pages


i. Keyboard shortcut key for add page – hold down  Ctrl+Shift+I .

ii. To delete a spread/pages click Page > Delete.

iii. To duplicate a designed spread/pages click Page > Duplicate.

iv. To insert a new spread/pages between two spreads click Page > Insert.

Happy Photo Book Making!

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  1. hye,

    i juz want to confirm…i have bought 2 groupon voucher on ur cheap and chic photobook. do i need to send u my detail on having my voucher code.

    please reply as soon as possible


    1. Hi Norazlyna Awang,

      After you purchased the voucher, you should receive the voucher code from Groupon to your email. You also can check the voucher code by login to your Groupon account.

      Thanks and hope this helps. 🙂

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