Pixajoy Editor – How To Add Your Own Background

Some of you would perhaps like to add in your own Background design to the Pixajoy Editor Library collection; to be used in your photo book project. No worries, you can do so.

To add a new/own Background image, you must first make sure that you have saved background to disk, either as an RGB TIFF, RGB JPEG or PNG file. Also, the background picture must be of sufficient resolution (minimum 200 dpi) to fit across the page or spread.

Step 1: Click on “Backgrounds” tab.

 Step 2: Click the Chain-wheel icon and click “Add”.


Step 3: Browse the background picture file you wish to add and then click “Open”.

Step 4: You will be given the opportunity to enter a name for the background and category.

 Step 5: Your own background is now added into Pixajoy Editor.

To use the Background on your project,  simply by drag & drop it from the Library and onto the page.


15 thoughts on “Pixajoy Editor – How To Add Your Own Background

    1. Hi, Nesh. Thanks for dropping by. To check the dpi – Right-click the image > Go to Properties > Click the Details tab. You can see the dpi value along with other image related info. Hope this helps.

  1. Hello,

    Initially I’ve selected the background color to be white. but i want some of the pages to have black background. is it possible to do this? if yes then how? Thanks.

    1. Dear Quinn,

      To have black background for your page, please go to Pixajoy Editor right hand side panel. Click at the fifth icon, select the black background colour.

      Hope this helps. Cheers!

  2. May i know pre-designed theme templates only have 20page?
    if i use the theme templates rdy how i need add page use the theme for ready?

    1. Dear Nick Keoh,

      By default Pre-designed theme templates come with 20 pages only. To increase page, kindly go to top menu Page > Add Pages to add new page. Another method is select current Pre-designed page, go to top menu Page > Duplicate page to duplicate the template page. Our templates page is editable.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. do you have any idea to add the background or cute icon to scrapbook in a bunch? cause i have to add in one by one which i’ve actually have thousand of them to add?!! omg

    1. Dear Hui Yee,

      Sorry for late reply, to add multiple scrapbook (cute icon), just follow below step:
      1. open your project.
      2. Choose Scrapbook tab and click on setting button at right side
      3. Select Add…
      4. Choose multiple icon to be add in scrapbook. (Note: the more scrapbook you choose at once the more processing power use with your computer. Suggest 10 once)

      Hope this helps. please do let us know if you have difficulty when doing above.

      Thank you

  4. May i know why my old version (2011) such as backgrounds, masks, frames and scrapbook is more choice than new version which i download on last 2 week (2014).

    Exp : 2011 version backgrounds choice is more than 200, new version only 30 plus.

  5. May i know why when i set the cover background in the project and its appear “low quality background”..?

    1. Hi Balqis,

      If the background you have applied is from Pixajoy Editor, it is fine for printing although it show “low quality background picture”. In case you are worry the outcome may blur, kindly create a project proof to view at your screen. If it didn’t look blur, means the print quality is acceptable. Please refer this tutorial on how to create the project proof. http://www.pixajoy.com.my/branding/pixajoy/pdf/create-proof-for-bk-project.pdf

      Thanks and hope this helps. 🙂

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