FAN STORIES: Dr. Siti Scan

If you’re a mother or soon-to-be one, you’ll know that you can get a sonogram done to check on the growing bud in your belly.

Meet Dr. Siti Suhaila Bte Mohedin, a graduate of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)’s School of Medical Science with a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasonography (Asia) from the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM).

She has a passion for a different kind of photography and she’s more than willing to help you see your child’s smile before they’re even out of the womb!

Make your kid the star of a book in their very own photo book!

Hello Dr. Siti, we’re so glad to have this opportunity to get to know you better! Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Dr. Siti Suhaila Bte Mohedin and I graduated from USM’s School of Medical Science. I have a fondness towards ultrasound scans, hence why I did my postgraduate course in medical ultrasonography and attained a Postgraduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasonography from ASUM.

Wow, you’re really passionate about ultrasound! What kind of services do you provide? Is there any kind of scan in particular that you are personally interested in?

I provide various types of ultrasound scans for my patients. The most demanding and popular scan is doing an obstetric scan for babies in the womb, which is also the scan I’m personally interested in. This scan is especially for pregnant women and there are a few choices available such as 2D, 3D, or 4D scans, basic scans or detailed scans.

Currently, I have done more than 6,000 scans in Malaysia, including patients who came all the way from places such as Singapore, India, Australia, and Brunei for baby scans. I also do general scans to identify any structural abnormalities of organs in the abdomen. This can be done for all ages.

All information regarding my scan services are available on my website at, and I also have Facebook page where I usually share tips and information with my followers at

A 2D picture is a standard picture taken when visiting a sonologist.

To have such an assortment of clients is amazing! So, out of curiosity, why are you so fond of ultrasound?

Personally, it’s because I love babies and not many people have the opportunity to sneak a peek and have a look at a baby’s well being in the womb. I consider myself as “Baby in the Womb Whisperer” as they can’t speak for themselves. This is why this career gives me so much satisfaction, making sure that a baby is growing well and seeing their parents’ happiness.

Aww, that’s so sweet, but other than getting a peek at their baby, why should prospective mothers go for ultrasound?

It is very important for mothers to go for ultrasound in order to make sure their babies are growing well with no problem arising throughout the pregnancy. Through ultrasound, parents also have the opportunity to personally witness their baby’s growth and development. Besides that, parents have a chance to see their baby in the womb. This will make them experience love at first sight and develop a much stronger emotional bond with their baby.

Since there are different types of scans, you might get this question a lot! Between “2D, 3D and 4D”, what are the differences?

2D scans are still images, 2-dimensional or flat, and are usually black and white when displayed on screen. 3D scans provide 3-dimensional still images and are usually brown in colour displayed on screen. 4D scans are captures of moving 3D images that can be made into a video.

3D scans allow you to view your baby's growth

Does that mean there are benefits to choosing one type of scan over the other?

A 2D scan is generally used to assess a baby’s growth and wellbeing. However, many people aren’t able to appreciate these images well as the images are only displayed in black and white. This is why 3D or 4D is more useful, as mothers get to see their babies more clearly and in detail. Apart from that, they also have the chance to see their baby’s cute movements and actions in the womb such as smiling, yawning, kicking, moving hands, swallowing, and many more.

Being able to see your baby before it’s even out of the womb! Those pictures must be precious! What do you recommend as a way for parents to preserve these memories?

I truly believe that when having a baby, the memories start when the baby is still in the womb, and progresses by watching your baby grow in front of your eyes. All of these are priceless moments and worth capturing as unforgettable memories. Through photo books, parents get to reminisce the beautiful memories together. It will also be a great gift for the baby when they grow older, a great way to see one’s life journey. By giving away these photo books to my patients, I hope the special bond between parents and their children last forever.

A book with both pictures and words are worth twice as much!Woah! You’re giving photo books to your customers? Your customers must be very grateful! Is there a reason why you chose Pixajoy’s photo books?

Pixajoy by far has been the best photo books I have ever encountered. Personally, I have been using Pixajoy’s photo books to capture all my wonderful moments with my families and friends. Pixajoy’s photo book is a quality product in all aspects. If you want to preserve your memories for a lifetime, I personally recommend Pixajoy.

Thank you for the glowing recommendation Dr. Siti! We’re ever so grateful!

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