Pixajoy’s 11Street.my online store opening promotion

We are excited to announce the opening of the newest online store at www.11street.my, a new open marketplace operated by Celcome Planet Sdn Bhd – a joint venture between Celcom Axiata Sdn Bhd and SK Planet Ltd. Our store address is http://store.11street.my/pixajoy. To shop in this new store, you may enjoy benefit and special offer from 11street. Stay tunned and visit us for more deals.

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Grand Opening of the online store from 11 Apr to 30 Apr 2015 for the special offer you shouldn’t miss. We would love to show you all the steps to get the lowest price offer in 11street on most popular photo book’s product within promotion period.

How to enjoy the lowest price deals in 11street.my grand opening offers?
Step 1: Create a buyer account at 11street here.
Step 2: Get FREE 11 credits. 1 credit = RM1.
Step 3: Get 50% discount coupon (99% discount coupon could be yours if you’re lucky) .
Step 4: Pick one of below deals:

Cool Image Wrap Hardcover 8.5' x 11' Photo Book

Cool Image Wrap Hardcover 11' x 8' Photo Book

Cool Image Wrap Hardcover 11' x 15' Photo Book

Price after apply 11street coupon + free 11 credits  Price after apply 11street coupon + free 11 credits Price after apply 11street coupon + free 11 credits




[Buy Now]

[Buy Now]

[Buy Now]

Step 5: Go to Use Discount Coupons, click “Apply Coupon” button and select 50% coupon you get from step 3.

Apply 50% discount voucher from 11street.

Step 6: Go to Use Credits box, tick Use All to deduct RM11 from total

Use all free credits to get maximum discount

Step 7: Make payment with the outstanding balance and you will receive verification from 11street.

Note: Verification code will be activate in Pixajoy system after 3 days from date purchase.

Happy shopping!

6 thoughts on “Pixajoy’s 11Street.my online store opening promotion

  1. Hai pixajoy,everyday when I try to get the coupon 50% in step 3..it said that,all coupon for today is over..try again tommorrow at 11am..then I try the next day at 11am..the same word is appear..so what should I do??thank

  2. I tried to get the discount cuopon efew tumes at 11am bt everytime I tried oso said coupons finished give out. So, I wonder if pixajoy really offer discount coupon or not..

    1. Hi Fuang,

      Thanks for your support. The discount coupon is given by 11Street.my which limited to 1,000 coupons daily.

      You may try to get assist from 11 street crew at below contact .
      Email: hello@11street.my
      Tel: 03-2720 0000

      Thanks for your understanding.

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