Unable access Pixajoy Editor in Mac?

Can’t opened the Pixajoy Editor?

Not to worry!  It is because of the unidentified developer. Your Mac default Gatekeeper setting is “Mac App Store and identified developers”, so it only allow apps that came from the Mac App Store and developers using Gatekeeper. Kindly follow below guide to switch the setting :

Step 1 : Apple menu > System Preferences. > Security & Privacy > General tab
Step 2 : Under the header “Allow applications downloaded from:” > Make sure “Anywhere” is checked > OK
Step 3 : Re-install again “[Application Name]”

Thank you for kind cooperation and happy photo book-making!

5 thoughts on “Unable access Pixajoy Editor in Mac?

  1. In Mac version, the delete page function is not working. It only allow to duplicate and add page but not delete. please fix it. thank you

    1. Dear Cheong,

      We have tried at our end the delete page function is working normally in Mac Version. May we know which version of Pixajoy Editor you are using currently? Kindly send your the screenshot when you try to do delete page so we can have further checking.

      Best Regards

  2. I unable open my current project after my PC suddenly restart. When i open the project, there is error message as below. Can help to solve it. Thanks

    Error Message
    ” The project could not opened as the error ‘no page data found’ occurred



  3. I upload the photo after making payment yesterday. But unfortunately not successful because when the file is uploading halfway, i changed the photo file name. So how can i upload again? Thankyou.

    1. Hi May Ng,
      We noticed that you have re-submit a new order. We have already cancelled your previous order, reactivate the voucher and the payment already put as Pixajoy Credit.

      Thank you.

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