Pixajoy Editor – How to replace the Missing Picture

Facing the problem of missing picture during open your existing project?  The warning indicate that you had unplug the pen-drive/ external hard disk or remove the picture folder in your computer. Please refer to below steps to find/replace the missing picture.

Step 1:

Move/Copy the photos used in the project from the pen-drive/ external hard disk to the computer hard disk

Step 2:

Re-open your project. You will face the error of “The following images are missing”. Please click Find Pictures.

Step 3:

Click the first photo and click the Update button. It will prompt a window to search the new location of the photo. Select the files and click OK.

Step 4:

Next, you may see the message, “There are other missing pictures that appear to be located in this folder. Do you wish to update the picture boxes for these pictures as well?” Please click Yes. System will automatically update the other photos as well.

Step 5:

After all done, click Continue.

Reminder:  After that you must save the project and please check every page to make sure all photos are exists.

Thank you and hope this helps you!

16 thoughts on “Pixajoy Editor – How to replace the Missing Picture

  1. Dear Sir ,

    I got problem to replace photo , I only can go to step & step 3 cant see upload & “There are othe missing picture that appear to located in this folder” Kindly advice.



  2. Hi there,

    Once I opened the editor, it keeps prompting me that the photos are missing when my hard disk is in place. I cannot update all the photos because I am already at my 27th page and updating the pictures one by one will make me crazy. I have no idea why this is happening. Please advise me. Thank you.

    1. Hello Yang,

      Please go to Pixajoy Editot “Open existing project”, select project name and click bottom button Duplicate project. Give a name to new project and start edit the picture.

      Thanks and hope this helps.

  3. I having a problem while doing uploading my photobook. a error appered with statement :
    sorry, an error occurred while uploading your order. Please click the retry button to attempt the process again. (err.’Could not transfer the file ‘manefest’.56′)
    how can I solve the error the make the upload process complete.
    thanks for your help

  4. Plss help me,
    I want to copy my project from PC A to PC B. I have follow the instruction copy from doc PC A to doc PC B and picture folder also. When I tried to open the project, the picture are ok but the background, frames and scrapbook are not ok, there are missing. How?

    1. Hi Nurul Sakinah,

      Kindly try below step to solve the problem :

      Step 1 : Exit the Pixajoy Editor.(you can ignore Step 1 if Pixajoy Editor not open)
      Step 2 : Go PC A, My Computer folder at address bar, type in “shell:appdata\PIXAJOY Editor” (without quote or “)
      Step 3 : Go into “PIXAJOY” -> Copy “Backgrounds” , “Mask” , “Frame” and “Scrapbook” folder
      Step 4 : Go PC B, My Computer folder at address bar, type in “shell:appdata\PIXAJOY Editor” (without quote or “)
      Step 5 : Replace “Backgrounds” , “Mask” , “Frame” and “Scrapbook” folder which you have copy from PC A
      Step 6 : Launch Pixajoy Editor.
      Step 7 : Click on “Open an Existing Project” -> Open your project again.

      Hope this helps. Please let us know if the problem persists.

      Thank you.

  5. Hello , i have two problems , pls help me to solve it .
    First , my project’s mask and scrapbook are missing .Before that , I try to delete the project and open the existing project to find it , when I open my deleted project , I found that the mask and scrapbook are disappear , but the frame and backgrounds still can open . Then , I copy all the mask and open a new folder in desktop and paste them in . I can check it in there . But when I open the Pixajoy app , all the mask and scrapbook are missing . Whats the problem?

    Secondly , when I open my daughter’s project , it appears a message which writes Critical error and need us to close the app . It writes “An exception of class OutOfBoundsException was not handled .The application must shut down .” So what can I do with this ? Pls help me , thx .

  6. I having a problem while sending file. the statement said:
    the following images are missing: combine.png

    How can I solve the error the send the file
    thanks for your help^^

    1. Dear Luck Teck Hun,

      Not to worries, kindly try below hotfix solution :

      Step 1 : Exit the Pixajoy Editor.(you can ignore Step 1 if Pixajoy Editor not open)
      Step 2 : download hotfix installer here http://download.pixajoy.com.my/pixajoy/hotfix/CriticalError_Hotfix_1.0.zip
      Step 3 : Install the hotfix
      Step 4 : Launch Pixajoy Editor.
      Step 5 : Click on “Create New Project” -> Click “Check For Updates” on the bottom left of window.
      Step 6 : Update “PIXAJOY Editor v2015v3” (Kindly ignore if it did’n show on the list)
      Step 7 : Update “Application Date” (Kindly ignore if it did’n show on the list)
      Step 8 : Update All the thing under “Product” Category. (At this moment, do not update anything other then product)
      Step 9 : Open Existing Projects and continue your project.

      Hope this helps. If you found the problem persists, please do let us know.

      Thank you.

  7. I use online method, but i can not upload photo, upload photo is failed. Why?
    Have a limit size for photo? photo format?

    can not start do my online photobook.

    Hope you can assist me.


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