FAN STORIES: Adeline Mu, Travel Photographer

Adeline Mu Photography

Adeline Mu, also known as Mu Yee Ting, is a travel blogger and commercial photographer from Singapore who blogs in Mandarin. However, a language barrier can’t stop you from admiring her amazing photographs and videos! Every place she visits gets turned into a visual masterpiece.

She has travelled to a variety of destinations, some chilly countries like Norway and Iceland, and some more unique places like Egypt and Tibet. Sometimes, she even offers her followers a chance to follow her on a trip!

So without further ado, here’s Adeline! Thank you for agreeing to this interview! Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Adeline Mu and I have been fascinated by the possibilities presented by photography since my early childhood days. I grew up in a family that loves to travel into nature. When I was a kid, I used to participate in painting competitions and received awards. Being inspired by nature, art and travel, I turned out to be a landscape photography lover.

Wow, it seems like you were meant to be involved in art. Other than expressing yourself through pictures, you also do some writing on your blog. Why did you start this blog?

I was encouraged by my cousin after seeing I have some talent in writing and photography. By writing a blog and creating my Facebook Fan Page, I’m amazed to be able to meet a lot of travelers who are of the same mind as me.

Meeting with like-minded people is always a welcomed experience! So, while you have a sizeable following, we were wonder why you chose to blog in Mandarin when you could reach out to more people in English?

It didn’t take me much time to decide blogging in Mandarin, as it is my mother tongue. Besides, it also gives me the opportunity to meet with other Chinese bloggers.

Going back to what you said before, other than the possibilities presented to you through photography, are there any other reasons you chose it as a creative outlet?

Memories will fade, but photos will remain. Photography is the best way to preserve special moments forever. I’m also happy to let more people see the beautiful world via my lens.

And what a beautiful world it is through your lens! You can’t get photos like yours using any camera. What kind of equipment do you usually use to achieve your glorious shots?

Cameras: Nikon D90, D810
Lenses: Nikkor 28 – 300mm, Tokina 11 – 16mm
Tripod: Manfrotto

You travel a lot and to many different places. As a frequent traveller, what is your “must bring” on trips?

A few years back, a day before I traveled to Tibet, I had a nightmare that I left behind my DSLR at home. I was so desperate to get my camera that I planned to fly back my home instantly. Luckily, it was only a dream. My camera is definitely my top “must bring” item.

You’re a very well-travelled person… Where have you been?

Most of the time, I go off beaten path and find hidden gems before it gets flooded by tourists. I was in Koh Lipe years ago. I’m sad to see that it’s now overpopulated by tourists and concrete buildings. Besides South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia), I’ve been to Tibet, Egypt, Norway, and Greece. My next destinations are Iceland, Siberia and Xinjiang. Yeah, I have not been to Taiwan, Japan and Korea, the well-known tourism countries.

Travelling on your own discretion is not easy, there must be quite some research and planning involved. How do you do it?

I’m not a travel planner who is keen to squeeze a few countries into a single vacation. To spend two or three days in a country then straight to the next is not my style of travelling. Usually, I go for one country each vacation. This allows me to explore more and deeper in a country. And of course, the Internet is my best tool to acquire information and plan a trip.

As someone who regularly deals with pictures and so many ways to store your photos, why did you decide to make them into photo books?

Instead of keeping my photos in a hard disk, I’m happier when I am able to feel and touch it as a solid photo book. It will be my best storybook to tell my offspring and grandchildren how I travelled and how beautiful the world is.

Since you’re both a travelling photographer and a keen photo book maker, do you have any tips on how to make a good travel photo book?

Color, tonality, binding and paper quality are the key factors to make a good photo book.
And to make a good “travel” photo book, simply make sure your precious travel photos are in the photo book! Don’t forget to add a text box to summarise your thoughts.

With the freedom of choice, why did you decide to approach us, Pixajoy, to print your photo books?

I’m very particular when it comes to printing quality. So far Pixajoy has really satisfied my requirements, not only in color, binding and paper quality, but also their customer service. To get the exact same color as you see on a PC is always a concern of mine, yet Pixajoy did it.

We’re thankful for your support and feedback! Okay, to end this highly intriguing Q&A, what are your plans for the future?

In the near future, I hope to conduct photo workshops to around the world, especially off the beaten path. Come and join me if you’re interested!

Thanks for the invitation Adeline!

Curious to know more about her or view her works?

Travelling is an amazing experience for a lot of people. The magic doesn’t need to stop when you’ve gone back home. You too could get started on documenting your travels, may they be in photographs or videos. 🙂