7 Creative Photo Book Ideas That You Should Try That Will Impress the People Who See Them.

Creating beautiful photo books takes a lot of time, effort and planning. Anyone can throw together a bunch of pictures, print them out in a book and call it a day. But if you want to try something a little more out of the box with your photo books, then you will have to put in a bit more effort.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 7 Creative Photo Book Ideas that you should try that will impress the people who see them.

Family History Book

If you’re the type of person who likes collecting information about your family’s history, then you probably have collected folders full of photographs, documents and interesting stories from older members of the family.

Why not organise and preserve all these treasured moments in a reader-friendly photo book. They’re easy enough to give as gifts to family members, taken to family reunions, and passed down to the next generation.

Always remember that making a family history book is a labour of love and that it’s okay for you to take your time.

Family Recipe Book

Each family has their own special family recipes; you know, the ones passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth alone.  Well, it is high time those recipes found a more permanent home. Create a one-of-a-kind family recipe book and share it with your loved ones.

Additionally, it can also come in super handy during the festive season.

Child’s Keepsake Book

Is your child a bit of an artist? Have you run out space on the fridge to pin their artwork? Instead of throwing away all their old drawings, why not scan them into the pc and print them out in the form of a photo book?

That way you get to keep every precious drawing and make your child feel incredibly happy!

Plus, once they get older, you can bring the book out and show them how much their drawing skills have improved!

Travel Journal

Got a lot of photos stored up in your smartphones or digital camera? Well, it’s high time you unload them and give your digital storage space a breather! You don’t want to risk accidentally deleting something in order to make room for new photos, do you?

Put together a gorgeous travel journal and relive your past adventures with greater clarity. It will also make for a great conversation starter when you have people over and would look fabulous on your coffee table!


Are you a photographer? A graphics design student? An artist? Instead of lugging your creations in folders or sending people a digital copy, go the extra mile and print out your works in book form!

Not only will it give you a sense of what your works would look like in print, but it also makes you seem more organized and professional!

Alphabet Book

Make a personalised alphabet book for the ‘tiny humans’ in your life and teach them a unique version of the ‘A, B, C’s’. Instead of the standard ‘a’ for ‘apple’, ‘b’ for ‘ball’ get creative and fill the pages up with the pictures of relatives, places, stuffed toys and even the tiny humans themselves!

Personalised Story Books

Have you ever seen the delighted look on a child’s face when they receive something that’s undoubtedly theirs? Well if you haven’t experienced it before, try it out now by turning your child into the protagonist of a one-of-a-kind storybook.  

Have them pose for pictures or draw out scenes of the story to make it extra special. Not only will it make for a great keepsake, but this fun activity will also bring you and child closer together.

And that concludes our list of 7 Creative Photo Book Ideas. Hopefully, this list has managed to inspire you to do something new with all those photos you have stored up in your phone or PCs!

So just to reiterate, photo books are super versatile and can be used for all manners of things. From displaying your most precious moments and decluttering your phone memory to wow-ing potential clients with your artwork and creative flair. The only real limit is your imagination.

Feel inspired? Start your new photo book journey today! Simply visit the Pixajoy website to browse through our selection of heirloom quality photo books.