17 Waterparks Under RM60 Around West Malaysia

The school holidays are here!

Time to make some unforgettable memories!

Get out of the city and have some fun under the sun at one of our many waterparks around Malaysia!

Where’s the waterpark nearest to you? 😉

Hurray for water!


Batu Pahat

1. Wet World Batu Pahat Village Resort

Special: Wet World Glow Park (Night-only, RM8)

Adult: RM18 (MyKad) / RM28
Child: RM15 (MyKad) / RM25

Website: http://wetworld.my/batu-pahat/

Kota Tinggi

2. Wet World Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Waterfalls.

Adult: RM7.50 (MyKad) / RM15
Child: RM3.50 (MyKad) / RM10

Website: http://wetworld.my/kota-tinggi/

Ulu Tiram

3. Tiram Indoor Water Park

Point(s) of Interest: Shopping Mall, Dry Park, Party Room.

Adult: RM14.70
Child: RM20

Website: http://www.tiramwaterpark.com.my/

Everything's more fun with a little sun!


Sungai Petani

4. Cinta Sayang Resort

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Golf.

Adult: RM25 (Weekday) / RM36 (Weekend & Holidays)
Child: RM22 (Weekday) / RM33 (Weekend & Holidays)

Website: http://cintasayangresort.com


5. A’Famosa

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Safari Wonderland, Old West, Golf, Dining, Shopping, “The Maze” Room Escape, Sports and Recreation.

Adult: RM43 (Weekday) / RM49 (Weekend)
Child: RM38 (Weekday) / RM43 (Weekend)

Website: http://www.afamosa.com

6. Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Recreation.

Adult: RM22 (Weekday) / RM28 (Weekend/School/Public Holiday)
Child: RM16 (Weekday) / RM20 (Weekend/School/Public Holiday)

Website: http://www.bayoulagoon.com.my

7. Gold Coast Malacca International Resort

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Special Event Hosting Services.

Adult: RM35
Child: RM25

Website: https://gcr.com.my/malacca/

8. Melaka Wonderland

Adult: RM33.20 (Weekday) / RM37.90 (Weekend)
Child: RM26.05 (Weekday) / RM32 (Weekend)

Website: http://melakawonderland.com.my

Water is super fun!

Negeri Sembilan

Port Dickson

9. Primaland Port Dickson Resort (PRCC)

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Beach, Kid’s Club, Playground, Volleyball, Golf, Table Tennis, Games Room.

Price: RM50

Website: http://www.prcc.com.my/


10. Wet World Air Panas Pedas Resort

Special: Hot spring.

Adult: RM15 (MyKad) / RM25
Child: RM12 (MyKad) / RM22

Website: http://wetworld.my/air-panas-pedas/



11. Bukit Gambang Resort City

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Safari Park, Active Academy, Recreation and Entertainment.

Adult: RM35
Child: RM25

Website: http://www.bgrc.com.my

Water slides are awesome!



12. Lost World of Tambun

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Amusement Park, Petting Zoo, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Adventure Park, Hot Springs, Spa, Night Park.

Adult: RM60
Child: RM53

Website: http://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com


13. Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Ecopark, Recreation, Laketown Adventure Park.

Adult: RM38
Child: RM22

Website: http://www.bukitmerahresort.com.my



14. Gold Coast Morib International Resort

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, Beach, Wellness Centre, KTV Centre, Kite & Paramotor, ATV, Flying Fox.

Adult: RM37
Child: RM21

Website: http://gcr.com.my/morib/


Shah Alam

15. WaterWorld @i-City

Point(s) of Interest: Accommodation, SnoWalk, City of Digital Lights, City Walk (House of Horror, Red Carpet, Space Mission, Trick Art Museum), 5D Cinema, Fun World (Fitness Junior, Itsy Bitsy).

Adult: RM30 (Weekday) / RM35 (Weekend)
Child: RM20 (Weekday) / RM30 (Weekend)

Website: http://themepark.i-city.my/attractions/waterworld

16. Wet World Shah Alam

Adult: RM25 (MyKad) / RM35
Child: RM20 (MyKad) / RM30

Website: http://wetworld.my/shah-alam/


Pulau Poh

17. Kenyir Water Park

Adult: RM25
Child: RM15

Website: http://kenyirwaterpark.com/

Tonnes of fun to be had in the sun.

So, where will you be headed off to this school holiday? 😀

Remember to take photos so the awesome moments stay preserved!