Photo Guide: Vancouver

Need to brush up your photography skills? Why not go on a little trip and get inspired! If you’re not sure where to go, here’s a little photo guide on some of the most instagram-worthy spots in Vancouver, Canada.

Creative Latte Mug Gift Ideas

Looking for some thoughtful and out of the box gift ideas? Well, look no further! Read our blog to find out more about how to turn a seemingly ordinary household object into the perfect gift!

7 Interesting Facts About Ramadan.

Ramadan is coming up soon and we’ve decided to answer some burning questions that you probably might have had about the Muslim fasting month. Click to find out 7 interesting facts about Ramadan!

5 Practical Reasons To Have A Business Card

Besides carrying your information, a personalized business card is a great way for you to leave a lasting first impression. Read to find out about the top 5 practical reasons on why you should own or carry around business cards.

Photo Guide: Kuala Lumpur

Here’s an insiders photo guide on some of the most instagram-worthy spots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Have some fun during the weekends by going on a photography adventure in this stunning urban jungle. Don’t forget to bring a friend along!

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